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Here are some of the key benefits that LOGIXtech Solutions offers for you:

  • Exciting Full-time Opportunities
  • Leading-edge Consulting that makes use of your expertise
  • Competitive Salaries which include Benefits
  • Competitive Consulting Rates based on experience
  • A prompt Bi-Monthly Pay-Schedule
  • A large-volume of Career Opportunities with our many clients
  • Optional Training to keep your skills up-to-date with current trends
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Nivedita DasGupta
Ayan Bhaduri
John Sharkey
Ellen Yalamas
Lorrie McAdams
Bridget Hudak
Jim McCarthy
Bobby Polisetti
Sanjay Mukherjee
Nina Ghosh
Indrani Palit
Mihir Mitra
Arup Roy
Pratap Roy
Raj Roy
Tina Choudhary
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