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SAP HANA (In-Memory Computing)
In-memory computing has been cited as one of the top technologies for 2012, SAP has introduced exciting new solutions based on this technology, and it is clearly part of the future of Business Intelligence (BI).
  • LOGIXtech Solutions LLC has been chosen as a HANA go-to partner by SAP America for their critical SAP Business Intelligence applications.
  • Our team of dedicated, principal-level consultants will make a major investment in HANA training and certification by the end of first quarter 2012 advancing to support SAP America’s delivery organization.
  • LOGIXtech, as a SAP Services Partner - Gold Partner for many years, was recently recognized as SAP America’s Primary Business Intelligence as well as Secondary EIM Partner.
  • LOGIXtech Solutions has a proven track record of providing the highest quality consultants to the mid-Atlantic Region's most demanding consumers of IT services as well as being prime vendor in both the commercial and public sectors.
  • We have grown one of the largest databases of pre-qualified consulting talent [over 80,000] through employment, acquisition and referral.
  • We have a vigorous, multi-stage system of conducting technical checks to ensure that candidates, who are presented, best match our client needs.
  • Over the years, our consultants have worked in many diverse environments, to include healthcare, state government, financial services, telecommunications, software, systems integration, manufacturing and more. This has allowed us to develop and refine our methodologies and industry best practices, to ensure that we have a wide selection of proven approaches to apply to specific challenges.
  • LOGIXtech Solutions is committed to quality as we continuously modify our methodologies in tune with changes in technology. We are capable of adopting customer methodologies whenever appropriate.
  • Our offsite/offshore delivery model is proven to reduce development expense and delivery time while increasing the effectiveness and the quality of delivery.
  • Our large pool of skilled consultants, allows us to deploy the appropriate team.
  • This facility allows us to utilize only the required number of consultants at any project stage, thereby reducing the cost of delivery.
  • This environment allows us to educate our software professionals as well as, to keep them conversant with both legacy and current technologies, thereby minimizing attrition.
  • This service delivery model helps our customers to optimize their return on their IT investments.
  • We assist our clients in getting the most out of their "business intelligence" by managing and leveraging their BI investment.
  • Our BI solutions ensure that our client's information is consistent, timely and accurate, thereby enabling precise business decisions.
  • LOGIXtech's Solutions ExperThink A/I Technology decodes all source elements, tracks all data movements and automates code renovation, reducing up to 95% of manual effort.
  • We use an On-Shore Factory Model that combines Expert, easy-to-configure tools with a proven methodology to provide a high-quality, cost-effective solution that is competitive with risky, off-shore ventures or in-house "do-it-yourself".
  • One conversion utility versus hundreds of conversion programs automates both data migration and testing.
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